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Keep up with all the goings on at our three locations as well as write ups

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Walter Magazine - Raleigh Beer Company Trophy Brewing Flexes its Creativity

In 2013, Powers and Lockwood co-founded Trophy Brewing along with David Meeker, brought on Les Stewart as Chief Brewing Officer and got to work—since inception, Trophy has canned and kegged over 500 different beer varieties.

And what about the name? Lockwood says that he and Powers fell in love with the bright red building on W. Davie Street that was home to Mort’s Trophies and Awards. The two joke that the shop was never intending to sell, but they always loved the idea of a brewery within the wood paneling, turf carpeting and trophies lining the walls.

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Hop Culture - The Five Best Beers We Drank This Week

American Light Lager — Nothing like a simple lager. After a Juicy Brews fest, that’s all I want to be drinking. Tough Folks from Trophy was exactly what I needed. Flavorful, refreshing, crushable. Perfect for these first few warm days of spring.

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Hop Culture - 15 Best Beers to Drink This Winter

Heavyweight Champ Imperial Stout – This is a post-dinner beer, best for enjoying with a thick slice of chocolate cake, or maybe a tiramisu. At 14 percent, it’s a hefty brew, but it manages to remain drinkable. Pour it into a couple hot cocoa mugs and enjoy with friends.


VinePair - Top 10 Beer Destinations for 2019

Raleigh is having a moment. The population of Wake County, which includes Raleigh, is increasing by an average of 63 people per day, and, as it turns out, many of them have a taste for craft beer.

Taste the revolution at Brewery Bhavana, a combination brewery, taproom, dim sum restaurant, library, and flower shop; and at Trophy Brewing, which has three distinct locations in downtown Raleigh (one for beer, one for beer and pizza, and one for beer and fancier fare).

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Offline Raleigh - Trophy Brewing is Expanding

Trophy Brewing, one of the Triangle's most beloved breweries, is expanding its OG location on Morgan St. So what's expansion mean? A full-on sour beer program and more patio space! Trophy will be taking over the adjacent spaces in 827 W. Morgan building (they purchased the entire building in 2012), a convenience store and a laundromat. 

Construction is expected to start in late fall, with things wrapping up next summer. 

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Hop Culture - The Five Best Beers We Drank This Week

Scout Series: Boss of Me Imperial Stout — This gigantic imperial stout from Trophy was a blend of two barrels, one for 6 months and one for over a year. Boss of Me has rich, roasty flavors and some subtle vanilla sweetness from the barrel. At a potent 11.5% ABV, it’s a slow sipper and worth enjoying on a weekend night around the fire. Feel free to chase it with hot cocoa.


Will Cleveland - Favorite Craft Beers of 2018

Yard of the Month Cream Ale - Yes, this beer is on my list for consecutive years, but it's my list and I really love this beer. It's definitely an homage to the Genesee classic. But it's exceedingly flavorful and features one of my favorite labels in beer.