The Team 

"The strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf."  ....okay, we're not wolves, but good beer takes a great team. We wouldn't exist without these key players and many more:

Chris PowersDavid Woody LockwoodDavid Meeker, Co-owners

Rebecca Couch, COO | Les Stewart, CBO

Chris Mincey, Sales | Kyle Szaro, Distribution

Alex Leonard, Head Pub Brewer | Lance Zacher, Assistant Pub Brewer

Patrick Coulter Head Production Brewer | Josh Cawthorn, Brewer | Austin Brown, Brewer

Cory McGuinness, Head of Wild & Sour Brewing

Zach Landon, Packaging Lead

Colleen McNamara, Taproom Manager  

Alex Hunt, Bookkeeper | Evan Doyle, Assistant Bookkeeper 

Amanda Young, Administrative Assistant